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How the Foundation allocates grants and funding

The Cartier Charitable Foundation awards grants to non-profit international organizations and partners that excel in their field of expertise, whose mandates and programmes are aligned both with our values and our core funding areas.

The Foundation only enters into partnerships with organizations that are active in developing countries.

We reach out autonomously to partners identified by our staff. Submissions of proposals are by invitation only. 

The selection of programmes is rigorous and evidence-based to ensure that resources will be used in the most effective way to achieve maximum impact.

The following success factors are key to the selection process:

  • Capability strengthening
  • Scalability
  • Substantial and lasting impact
  • Innovation and cross-sectoral thinking.

Examples of areas the Foundation does not support:

  • Programmes addressing issues that are outside the scope of the Foundation’s mission
  • Direct donations or grants to individuals
  • Programmes addressing problems in developed countries