The Foundation

Our vision P

Established in Geneva in 2012 by the Maison Cartier and guided by the principles of excellence, pioneering and generosity true to its founder, the Cartier Charitable Foundation strives to foster positive change and enable people to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in an inclusive, equitable and safe environment.


The Cartier Charitable Foundation is under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs in Bern.

Our mission P

The Cartier Charitable Foundation strives to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable. Its needs-based and result-oriented philanthropic strategy  aims to build the capacities and strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable groups, women in particular.

We support innovative, impactful and lasting initiatives in low-income countries that promote women’s economic and social development, that provide access to basic services, that engage with communities to encourage the responsible management of natural resources and that deliver humanitarian assistance to children and their families when natural disasters strike.

Our approach P

The Cartier Charitable Foundation awards grants to non-profit international organizations and partners that excel in their fields of expertise, whose mandates and programmes are aligned both with our values and core funding areas.

The Foundation actively reaches out to partners at its own initiative. An ongoing dialogue with eminent operators in the field, high-level researchers and academics, policymakers and recognized civil society leaders guides the identification of innovative approaches.

The selection of programmes is evidence-based to ensure that resources are used in the most effective way to achieve maximum impact. The following success factors are key to the selection process: capacity strengthening, scalability, substantial and lasting impact, innovation and cross-sectoral thinking.

We engage with grantees and partners in a spirit of dialogue and close collaboration, encouraging and facilitating complementarity and synergies among the different actors we work with. We do not dictate solutions. With partners, we help communities strengthen their capabilities and acquire the knowledge to design and implement the interventions that best meet their needs.

The monitoring and evaluation process allows us to ensure that all funds are used efficiently. Beyond the measurement of specific outputs and outcomes, this process is the basis upon which we shape our action and increase future impact. It allows us to identify the success factors for possible replication and optimize the partnerships dynamic, leveraging key learnings and shared experience.

Steps of Approach P
consultations and analysis
The Team P

A team of dedicated professionals based in Geneva, Switzerland, leads the Cartier Charitable Foundation in the achievement of its vision and mission.

Pascale de la Frégonnière
Executive Director

Muriel Guigue
Programme Manager

Irene Amodei
Programme Communication Specialist

Pascale Schlageter
Executive Assistant

We believe P

You must not deal only with the symptoms. You have to get to the root causes by promoting environmental rehabilitation and empowering people to do things for themselves.

Wangari Maathai (1940-2011), Nobel Peace Prize 2004